Beyond Portals

Beyond Portals

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Beyond Portals 264.9 × 780.2cm acrylic on the wall 2019

Luxelakes A4 Museum Library

<成都 麓湖 A4美術館にて展示>

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<10/26 Exhibition Opening in Chengdu>

成都 A4美術館でのレジデンスも終盤、展示が行われます。



展示は1/12まで。中国, 成都にお越しの際はご覧ください。

I’m pleased to announce that the opening of my residency program exhibition at Luxelakes A4 museum in Chengdu, China is on this Saturday, Oct. 26th.

There are 4 artists’ exhibitions and Serpentine gallery pavilion will also open on the same day.

The residency exhibitions will last until 12 January, please come and visit.

more information in Chinese